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“Do not use cyclones to victimize already struggling Malawians”


Lazarus Chakwera visiting affected families- Photo Credit Mana

MCP government is planning to put “cyclone levy” on fuel of K54 per litre. They are saying they have no money to renovate broken roads and bridges hence thinking of introducing cyclone levy.

For me, this is the most dull reasoning of the century. It will trigger prices of fuel to rise, consequentially triggering prices of goods and services to rise as well. Impact would be disastrous. You don’t solve tragedies of natural disasters through introduction of special levy. In our fuel, their is already road levy. MCP is not building roads, where is this money going. The toll gates we are told raise a minimum of K4 billion a year, where is K4 billion for last year.

Ministry of transport has always had allocations in billions. Where does this money go to? Where did MCP get the money to raise Chakwera’s budget at state house from 7 billion to 21 billion? How hard is it now to release money to respond to the infrastructural emergencies? After all government is not spending much as we are getting a lot of donations going to the victims straight. Do not use cyclones to victimize already struggling Malawians for pockets of a MCP people. That’s bad.

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