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CYCLONE FREDDY: MPs want CDF allocation increase

By Lovemore Khomo

Members of Parliament have proposed for an increment in the allocation of Constituency Development Fund-CDF due devastation of Cyclone Freddy.

The proposal was made on Monday afternoon, when members began their contribution and debate on 2023/24 National Budget statement.

Currently, CDF is pegged at K100 million per MP for Constituency expenditure and accomplish selective important developmental activities.

Ntcheu Central MP Albert Mbawala was the first MP to raise the issue that devastation of Cyclone Freddy has destroyed so many infrastructures in the sourthen region of the country hence the need to increase CDF.

Mbawala said, “Cyclone has caused much devastation in southern region as infrastructure is gone, and no schools and health centers. We need an increase in Constituency Development Fund-CDF in order to cushion effects cyclone has caused.”

The former Energy Minister also tackled the need to increase an allocation to purchase maize which 2023/24 Budget proposed K14 billion.

“Minister of Finance should relook at K14 billion figures that was proposed to purchase maize. With devastation of Cyclone, more people will need food, and the figure should be raised.” Added Mbawala

Ntchisi South MP Ulemu Chilapondwa concurred that there is need to raise the CDF budget as people from south have lost everything.

“There are no important infrastructure, no schools, no roads, health facilities and so much. If Minister of Finance can consider, that will help,” added Chilapondwa.

On the other hand, Mzimba North MP Yeremia Chihana suggests that government should suspend development budget, and only work on ORTs in order to cushion effects of Cyclone and support survivors.

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