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Leader of the House in Parliament Chimwendo Banda believes “Malawi will rise again”


Leader of the House in Parliament, Richard Chimwendo Banda has told the House that the country is on course of rising again from the pangs of cyclone Freddy that has caused unprecedented misery to Malawians.

Chimwendo was speaking in Parliament on Monday, March 27, 2023 during deliberations of 2023/2024 National Budget meeting.

He told the August House that amidst the challenges that have hit the global economy and not sparing Malawi’s own economy, the country still is “set for the rise” through the budget, Minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe presented in the House which has several developmental projects that have been lined up to benefit the local masses.

“Our global economy has always being hit left and right, but the Honorable Minister has risen to challenge and has given us a budget which has a roadmap to recovery from economic shocks that has devastated our economy, said Chimwendo Banda who is also Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture.

Chimwendo said that agriculture sector is projected to rise regardless of the challenges because government under the leadership of Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has among others earmarked Mega Farms as part of its strategic decisions to end hunger in the country.

Turning to the issue of fuel levy that has ignited debate among many Malawians, Chimwendo told the House that the proposal by the Finance Minister to have the levy directed towards affected people by the Cyclone is commendable.

Said Chimwendo; “The Minister of Finance is proposing that there are already fuel levies within the fuel prices that we have, not even to think of adjusting the fuel prices, but just to look at fuel levies and get something out of it and support our colleagues there who have been affected by Cyclone Freddy.

Some people think that he is trying to introduce a new levy and therefore adjusting upwards the fuel prices, but that’s not the case. What he is proposing its actually commendable that within the levies which are there could we sit and see how best we can raise resources and support our colleagues.”

But Chimwendo who is a Parliamentarian for Dowa East pointed out that the country continues to face revenue challenges despite numerous opportunities the country has to raise resources, citing smuggling of country’s products like Soya beans and Groundnuts which are being bought by foreign traders who drain the country of the forex it is supposed to generate.

However, Chimwendo was quick to say government is doing everything possible to have the problem addressed.

“As government, we are committed just as the Minister of Finance said, to improve in making sure that smuggling is combated. If we do that, we will improve our economy.” Added Chimwendo Banda who is MCP National Youth Director.

As one of the Parliamentarians from Dowa district, Chimwendo thanked government of President Chakwera for completing the construction of Mponela Community Hospital and other projects in the district, adding that the district has for long been neglected but with the leadership of President Chakwera, Dowa has rising again to the smile of its residents.

Chimwendo Banda who is also Minister of Local government, Unity and Culture then thanked President Chakwera for always rising to occasion, saying what he has done during the catastrophe of Cyclone Freddy set a pace for all leaders regardless of political affiliations to rise up to occasion, adding that as Minister of Unity, that is what Malawi must do.

He further commended various institutions, patriotic citizens, donor partners, organizations, citizens of other countries staying in Malawi, neighboring countries, and others for standing with President Chakwera and Malawians in the times of need under Operation Tigwirane Manja.

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