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Where are our choppers?

By Bashir Al Bashir

Today, with aid of UK rescuers and usage of choppers and boats we have been able to save and reach people whom we couldn’t have reached the whole past week. Most of them have spent 5 days plus without food. As they starved, others spent their time on pictures, kunyamula ana amasiye kujambulitsa nawo zithunzi nkuwasiya.

If our choppers and boats were ready on time, surely some lives could have been saved. We needed those choppers and boats. So yes, where are our choppers?? We saw the president moving around in military choppers last year why didn’t he release them on time to save lives?

There is no patriot who would be proud for a country which can’t have a chopper to save the lives of the very citizens that pay taxes. That’s ridiculous. This mediocre must never be allowed to happen again. A sovereign country must at least have its own choppers and boats otherwise ndi dziko la boysquarter ya dziko Lina limenelo.

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