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Cyclone Freddy kills hundreds in Southern Region: Nankhumwa calls for more assistance

Malawi’s Leader of the Opposition Dr Kondwani Nankhumwa has extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, the injured and all those who have been affected Cyclone Freddy.

Nankhumwa was speaking in Blantyre on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 when he visited several centers where Cyclone Freddy victims are being sheltered

Speaking to the press after visiting Naotcha camp, Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital and Makata camp in Ndirande, Nankhumwa said: It is heart breaking to see innocent Malawians losing their lives under such circumstances.

At Queens Hospital, he cheered those who have been injured and also visited the mortuary to see for himself the dire situation.

“I would like to ask my fellow politicians to desist from politicising this natural calamity. Am also asking government to think about the aftermath of this on how the victims shall be taken care of once the cyclone has stopped.

“As am calling upon the private sector and other well wishers to come forward and help our brothers and sisters with the little they have. I have also written President of DPP, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the Secretary General and Treasurer General General of the Party asking them to consider releasing some funds to help the victims,” said Nankhumwa who is also DPP Vice President for the South.

Nankhumwa donated various items such as soap, flour, sugar, water buckets, soya beans, salt, matches, cooking oil, among others which totalling to K4 million.

Infrastructure including bridges, highways and roads have been damaged, disrupting traffic and upending the lives of millions across the Southern region Some people with resources have stocked up on fuel for their generators as the country is power outages for 72 hours now.

So far close to 200 people have confirmed dead but still more are missing.

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