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‘The best Martha should do now is to resign’

By Bashir Al Bashir

Chizuma challenged to resign

Three months from now we will be clocking one year since Martha Chizuma told the country that she established 20 cars which Sattar donated to Government officials, that Chilima, Suzi, Kainja cases are ready for prosecution.

That she will arrest Kapondamgaga. That three officials from state house, four members of parliament, 2 judges, journalists, officials from OPC among others were involved in Sattar case.

Eight good months down the line, Kapondamgaga is a Freeman, returned to work, still enjoying tax payers money. ACB has failed to confirm whether Mkaka’s mercedes Benz came from Sattar or not.

I mean if Mkaka’s Mercedes Benz is the one on her list. I will not mention of Nocma case where she arrested Kambala and failed to prosecute him. Any day from now we shall be told of billions we shall compensate Kambala.

Today in Parliament, Msaka took ACB to class on the issue regarding fake allowances being not a “corruption matter,” rather theft by servant. I agree. If ACB arrests Kayuni they will lose in court.

 Now, If this is the mediocre ACB is giving us surely expect more loses. ACB will lose Kambala case and SKC case.

A body which threw professionalism away for hatred and jealous. Victimizing people from particular parties and tribe. That is nonsense at the expense of tax payers money.

The best Martha should do now is to resign. We are already a poor country to pay a director who goes to work for a cup of coffee and tea. Perhaps she must concentrate on her pending international job than wasting our time and giving us false hopes.

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