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Malawian movie ‘School Days’ to be out in May

By Natasha Muthete

Lilongwe, Mana: Malawian Producer Kendal Kamwendo is set to release a film titled School days on May 5 this year at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) Auditorium.

In an interview Kendal Kamwendo who is a producer in Schools day film said the story is  about reminding everyone about his or her school days particularly secondary schools.

“We would like to discourage the conduct of vandalism, bullying and teasing that is happening in most schools.

“We believe this film will excite many people because the story is very unique and it concerns all kinds of people,” Kamwendo explained.

Kamwendo further added that he was inspired by acts of vandalism, teasing and bullying that is happening in many schools.

“We have not yet finalized our agreements with the movie streaming companies. But on 5th May this year we will be able to communicate about this. People should expect to watch a good film on 5th of May this year at BICC Auditorium room,” Kamwendo added.

Speaking on sponsors, Kamwendo said so far they have received support from Umodzi Park, Beacon printers and wheel masters.

Ministry of Education spokesperson, Mphatso Nkuonera said communicating to the public about education standard policies through movies would assist and encourage students to be disciplined.

“Films provide entertainment, if any organisation produces a film concerning education, we commend that, because this is also part of teaching good morals to our children, ” Nkuonera added .

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