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The only leader who is strong, visionary, charismatic and energetic is SKC


In the thick of the “war” the pioneers (Chipembere, Chirwa, Mumba etc) of NAP saw little chances of unseating the British Federation if they do not energise the leadership. At this moment, a strong, intelligent, charismatic leader was identified, Kamuzu led MCP to victory. This, was the first time to have an imported leader, Hastings Kamuzu Banda

When third term failed, and, amongst those who inspired for presidency did not inspire confidence of a win, Muluzi imported president of United Party, Bingu Wa Muthalika, to lead UDF. Bingu won the elections as UDF president under sponsorship of UDF. If Malawi has had successful and visionary leadership, ironically, it is these two leaders (Bingu and Kamuzu) who were picked to lead already established parties. You may think, as I would, “imported” leaders have never disappointed in delivery of services as compared to the in-house aspiring leaders in as far as Malawian politics is concerned.

As they say, history is a circle, there is nothing new under the sun, DPP lacks a strong intelligent charismatic leader. Equally, Chakwera has proved to be a failure beyond reasonable doubt to lead the party to victory in 2025. In our era, the only leader who is strong, visionary, charismatic and energetic is SKC. He inspires confidence to his followers. He is bigger than any political figure in Malawi. Like I said, winning an election, and unseating an incumbent president needs a strong personality above a political party.

However, this time, we may not import SKC to any political party, rather the political parties will be imported to SKC either as parties or individuals. Nothing will happen outside this framework. It is time. Fate, you may call it. It is another era, time has come, those in the know accept SKC will win because he has people rallying behind him from both MCP and DPP. It was Kamuzu, then Bingu, now Chilima. That order.

Sealed. I Bashir Al Bashir presents to you the ordained incoming President of Malawi Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima. Accept him and move on.

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  1. As much as Chakwera has miserably failed, the alternative to his inability to deliver cannot and will never be Chilima. Why do Malawians have memory discrepancies and would always want to travel on very unchartered roads? Have we already forgotten that it was him (Chilima) who brought up his lies of 1 million jobs in a year, 3 meals a day, introduction of speed trains, free water and electricity connections, K15,000.00 each month going to all the elderly, cheap passports etc etc and Chakwera unfortunately swallowed it all Bait, Hook & Sinker, hence his plate being full to the brim. Has any of that been achieved since he showcased his tricks on how to easily lift a bag of fertiliser under the influence of Indian Hemp? C’mon folks, let us get back to basics, please???

    Much as all the failures in government to day rests on the shoulders of Chakwera, Chilima as second in command should have assisted his boss in order to deliver, as such he too fully owns the blame. But instead of chipping-in with advice or suggestions, he chose to be quiet as if he is having a hair-cut, thinking if everything fails then it will be his boss to take the blame. His script was not well crafted and as such the plot has fallen flat. Simply put, the government made up of 9 political parties has failed Malawians, and that includes Chilima and his UTM. Now to hear someone pulling strings on behalf of Chilima smacks of insincerity. Was it not Chilima who a few days ago had the audacity to display his uncivilised behaviour by using foul words in public (In Mzuzu). Do we really need such people as presidents of a country? In a civilised world he would have been asked to resign immediately. Doing that is setting up very bad precedence to the young ones, never should a vice president carry himself around like a gangster.

    If DPP accepted to have him lead their party then there must be something terribly wrong within the party. In that case what will Chilima be leading, was he not meant to take over the mantle from Chakwera in 2025 as per their MOU? By the way have the allegations involving Sattar been resolved for people to begin stage-managing for Chilima’s ascendancy? At times I pity this country called Malawi because it would seem everyone is not serious when it comes to state affairs. Please, give some of us a break!! If this article was written to test the waters, then that testing is not fit for purpose.


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