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A Word to Martha Chizuma


CHIZUMA: Told to move fast and with precision

She has had more than enough good will and support, she must not waste it! Chakwera might come back with another surprise but right now what we can say is that Chakwera is in the dumps. He has been taken to school.

The space to now be on the offensive has been created. Time is of the essence. She needs to move fast and with precision.

Politics is relative. It might look like Politics to Chakwera hand clappers if she moves quick on the Covid-19 money abuse list, AIP abuse list, Sattar’s list, 372 days in a year allowances list etc. However, to Martha Chizuma, this should not be looked at as Politics, it is what it is, her job.

Transparency International defines corruption as abuse of entrusted power. That is why key to fighting a real battle against corruption is taking on the powerful like Chakwera and his hangers-on. It is the most pertinent and effective corruption fight that is supported by all and sundry.

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