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Dear President Lazarus Chakwera,

Can you give us one good reason why you are still keeping Ms. Colleen Zamba as the Secretary to the President and Cabinet?

Any single day she remain in office, the following is happening;

1. She is embarrassingly exposing you and showing that you are either not in control or inept

2. She is continuously making the public believe that you are compromised and complicit to corruption to an extent that you are ready to look aside where strong allegations are levelled against her

3. You are throwing the rule of law to the dogs since you are keeping an SPC who is contempt of Parliament

4. Above all, it proves that all the actions that Zamba did on the interdiction of Chizuma was sanctioned and summoned by you. If not, why are you still keeping her?

5. Finally it proves that the whole issue of Chizuma matters were state sanctioned and has backfired big time and now the state machinery is out to protect each other from this expose thereof.

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