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Queenfyah is 54 African Mamas Ambassador

By Patrick Ng’ambi

Queenfyah- Ambassador for 54 African Mamas initiative

Mzuzu, February 9, Mana: The country’s renowned reggae and dancehall music artist, Merrium Pondani, popularly known as Queenfyah in music showbiz has been selected to represent Malawi as an ambassador for “54 African Mamas”, an initiative aimed at combating the relentless abuse of women in the music industry.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, the Project Manager for 54 African Mamas initiative, Pumzile Manikela said they decided to select Queenfyah as an ambassador for the initiative in Malawi because of her willingness to be part of the gathering.

Manikela said the initiative’s coordinator, Isaiah Ziba had a list of Malawian female musicians whom he approached and Queenfyah emerged as the right candidate for the task.

“Our coordinator approached several female musicians in Malawi. Queenfyah braved it and responded to this very important call to pave way for the Malawian upcoming female artists,” Manikela said.

She added that Queenfyah will help encourage more Malawian female musician to speak out and share the untold stories which will be an eye opener to many.

“Raising social ills which women experience during the “54 African Mamas” which schedule for March 7 to 8, 2024 in South Africa will bring discomfort to those men who continue abusing women in the music,” she said.

Queenfyah said most Malawian female artists are subjected to social ills which are propagated by men who seem to have much power in the industry.

She said for one to progress in the industry, there is need for connections with promoters and DJs, but only few are willing to help without getting something from female artists in return.

“Many of these people in high places want us to exchange their favour with sex in the name of getting to stardom. So, you can see that it is like our way to stardom is in the hands of men,” Queenfyah said.

She stressed the importance of the initiative to the Malawian music industry saying it will expose social ills and deconstruct them thereby creating a condunsive and fair environment for the industry.

“As an ambassador for the initiative in Malawi, I will voice out the challenges that the country’s female artists are facing.

I have come across such challenges, so I will explain them to the board,” said Queenfyah.

The South African Association of Arts Administration (SAAAA) through ToGaTa (the late Lucky Dube’s backing vocalists), intends to bring together female musicians from the 54 African Countries for them to voice out the challenges which they face in the industry.

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