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AziBambo Album Out For Free Of Charge – Archives Not On Sale

AziBambo Hip Hop group has on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 released the highly anticipated album titled “Archives”.

The album is available for free on all music streaming and downloading sites in Malawi.

One of AZiBambo members, Rappa Young O confirmed that the group decided to release the album for free because they are reintroducing themselves to the industry.  

We have been away for a long time – Rappa Young O

“We have been away for a long time and a lot of things have changed. We want to distribute the music for free so it can go as far as it can,” he said. 

According to the group, those willing to buy the album can buy at their prefered price.

“We are open and we welcome any support,” Rappa Young O added.

The 12 track album features the legendary Hip Hop group The Nameless of “K-Shi ndi Bobo” and “China” fame, Binge of “Zovala” hit, Snag Bomaye, TruDoccsy, Sage Poet, Genetix and Prime among many other.

All the songs have been done in Chichewa on hardcore Hip Hop beats mostly produced by Strxxt Knawledge and Sage Poet while recording and mixing was done by Nefter.

The album also follows the release of three lead singles titled “They Don’t Wanna Stay”, “20 Forever” featuring The Nameless and “Money”.

“The first two tracks were about introducing ourselves and declaring our space in Hip Hop industry.”Money” tackles issues everyone can resonate with. We are talking about money because we all need money for our daily survival.

“The song has been receiving an overwhelming response and it’s safe to say “Money” is our final nail on the coffin until the album drops,” explained Rappa Young O.

Other songs in the album are “AziBambo Intro”, “From Boiz To Men”, “Sinner’s Prayer”, “My Bad Day”, “From The Under”, “Change Me Up”, “Letter To My Son”, “Ndine Dolo” and “Ankati”.

AziBambo Rap/Hip Hop group comprises Blaq Gestapol, Rappa Young O and Nematrix.

AZibambo is here to stay- Blag

Commenting on the group name, another member, Nematrix said, “AziBambo in English its fathers. We are fathers in Hip Hop and even on personal individual level. Our role is to provide parenting to Hip Hop artists in Malawi as custodians of the genre.”

In his remarks, third member, Blaq Gestapol said, “AZibambo is here to stay. People can tell from how we have planned our comeback. We have been working hard releasing single after single and now the album is done.”

The group started when Rappa Young O featured the three members in his 2012 album “Street Poet” in a song called “Hip Hop Renovation”.

Stream and Download AZibambo’s new album titled “Archives” on links below;

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