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Our President Speaks in Parables

By Sembe Gondwe

I don’t know which group of people President Lazarus Chakwera is trying to convince, Village Idiots or Intellectuals? Both groups don’t understand him.

One of Jesus Christ’s go-to teaching tools was the parable. Jesus could talk of the Good Samaritan, Richman and Lazarus, the parable of the Assassin and the parable of the Empty jar both Village Idiots and Intellectuals could understand him.

President Chakwera has had his own share of parables ranging from, clearing the rubble, Buluma report in 2 weeks, to reshuffle the cabinet in 6 months, fighting corruption, and now, lean cabinet and guarding Chizuma.

One wonders what the President wants to do with these metaphors.

Before President Chakwera, Malawi had 5 leaders. Malawians are used to being told things up front hence President Chakwera will not change them overnight with parables.

Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda

Speaking in Parliament on 10 November 1965, Kamuzu never went into parables. He made it absolutely clear that Village idiots and Intellectuals understood his point loud and clear. He championed the amendment of the bill that was to allow Silombera and co, to be executed publicly. I feel very uncomfortable with this, but my argument is that he didn’t go into parables.

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

Addressing the nation on 17 January 2023, President Chakwera went into his usual parables of saying that Martha Chizuma, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director is his champion of corruption. And further went with the parable that anyone who feels injured by Chizuma’s audio recording can sue her. What? A week later, a Judge feels injured and has sued Chizuma.

Chakwera strategy always has plan B. Guess what? In a month’s time, the President will come with another parable and this time he will say that he respects the constitution, much as he appreciates Martha Chizuma, he will follow what the court has said, Chizuma must go. Bwana, sure, you take Malawians as village idiots.

The President is shoving himself into a corner whereby both Village idiots and Intellectuals will not listen to his parables anymore but start suspecting that he (the President) is deeply entangled in the Sattar affair and he is fighting hard behind the scenes to protect himself and all involved. Imagine the reaction of major donors when they see this nonsense.

Talking parables of fighting corruption and on the other hand releasing hate poems, entitled, “those injured can sue Chizuma” instead of focusing on addressing development issues President Chakwera’s administration is preoccupied with protecting Sattar crooks.  AIP issues have been stifled by how to get rid of Chizuma.

The Nation

The Nation Newspaper of January 26, 2023 had the following headline, “825 000 YET TO GET AIP INPUTS”.

We are getting into February and yet about a million farmers are yet to access the AIP fertilizer that’s a disaster and a good leader is supposed to shift his energy towards such pressing national issues.

Instead, you are busy meeting behind closed doors, scheming how best to outwit Martha Chizuma. What a shame!  The President is reigning over a chaotic public service, is he in control?


Mr, President, I have seen five Presidents come and go in Malawi. You are the 6th. 3 0f these former leaders are languishing at their homes without people they called advisors.

They all hightailed and are enjoying from the other camp saying, “Tinkamuuza uja koma kusamva”.

Here is an example; Humphreys Mvula was the chief strategist of United Democratic Front-UDF by extension Dr. Bakili Muluzi. Today, Mvula says it on Times Radio that, “Timawauza a Bakili koma kusamva”.

Let me borrow ladies’ English, “I am like what?” So Mvula samamvela Mvula” I thought you were the advisor?

Mr. President, please don’t trust these so-called analysts, you will regret it when you are out of office. Kamuzu never trusted anyone. He lived longer in office.

How can people “kidnap” Chizuma under your nose? And you saw what UK and USA did to Martha after her release and you are comfortably sitting at Statehouse.

Sir, these so-called close people or advisors have put you into a situation whereby if Malawi were a normal country you should have resigned.


Like a Judge who was injured with the audio, I also feel injured by your parables Sir because during campaign when very few people had confidence in you, I was “speaking in tongues” defending you.

Today, I have run out of parables with which to convince both Village idiots and Intellectuals as your parables have overshadowed mine.

Mixed Bag

Mixed bag (chinansnganya, chifwilimbwiti) Your government is a chinansyanganya. Exceptionally good development projects, Chizuma, Corruption, poverty, sad faces, Cholera, everything is there, a mixed bag. Nobody knows where the country is going.


When Jesus Christ said the parable of the Good Samaritan it was meant to stand the times. Today, everybody wants to become a Good Samaritan, your parables are very difficult to follow, are you for Chizuma? are you fighting corruption? Now, what about this Judge, what is he up to?

Are Malawians having a lean cabinet or not? You said about lean cabinet in December, and this is almost February. Bwana, you need a paradigm shift from a church congregation to a hostile political setup.

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