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OPINION: Anti-Lawsuit Mitigators for Loudmouths

By Brian Ligomeka, Veteran Journalist

Powerful Social media influencer Chisa Mbele sued for defamation

Are you a social media influencer, a purveyor of powerful truth, a master of exposes, an anti-corruption crusader, a granary of advice, a lead denunciator of top government dogs, katswiri pa mnyozo ndi kudzudzula ena? Dolo odziwa kutokota?

If the mafia, the thieves, the scammers and the scammed start hitting you with multi-million Kwacha lawsuits, arm yourself with a new weapon of averting lawsuits or mitigating their impact. One of such weapons is satire.

In satire, you don’t mention people with their national ID names. In satire, we have Zeze, we have Nyekhwee House Gogo, we have M’busa Wofoila. We have Maidyaidya, Tcheya, Chiombankhanga,

The Fake Accent Man, Political Ndondocha. It is all about letting he who the cap fits, wear it. But if you have no tangible evidence and you want to lead in the art of naming and shaming, ridiculing and harassing people, then have a pot of MK3 billion for settling lawsuits.

Another tactic is of presenting and labeling your social media posts as your pure opinion instead of presenting them as 100% facts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one can drag you to court for holding an opinion.

However, if you present your opinion as a fact, then you will be asked to prove them. Learn the art of labeling an idea, a view, an opinion, an observation, the fact and the truth as such and lessen your lawsuit costs.

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