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Amidst all those heavy calamities, APM brought back donor confidence

Mutharika poses for a photo with World Bank Directors


He inherited a sick economy from Joyce Banda in 2014. The country had lost donors, Forex was scarce, inflation had risen, businesses were closing, it was almost dead end.

As if not enough, his first year of 2015 and 2016 was hit hard with floods, he only had peace in 2017 and 18 only to be hit by covid in 2019. Amidst all these heavy calamities, APM brought back donor confidence. He stocked more than enough Forex and fuel, inflation he lowered to a single digit of 8% from 34% left by JB. He ran first two budgets without donor support but all was well as even within he built many roads in all regions including one that takes Chakwera home not mention the face changing interchange.

He had a philosophy, he had a vision. Intelligence attracts intelligence. That is why cadets were able to argue on facts, substantiate their rationale, you would oppose for the sake of it but somehow satisfied that the guys were brain, not “opozisheni nkumanda-” I miss those guys.

Never be cheated, a leader is there to provide solutions. Not all countries have high inflation, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania have low inflation even Zimbabwe. The mess we have here is a result of incompetence of Chakwera. He is a leader without an iota of vision and direction. That is why upon accepting the fact that APM is tired, we are opting for Chilima. At least he has a vision, disciplined, commanding, self esteem, and innovative. We can spend days discussing his philosophy and ideologies. That is the least to expect from a leader.

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  1. Kkkk the Malawi economy suffered under the noses of the minister of economic planning who was Chilima himself. This tendency of supporting a leader blindly even if he steals public money is what is encouraging corruption in this country.


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