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ECG’s salvation Festival a success

By Twimepoki Mangani

Lilongwe, Mana: Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) said the Jesus Nation was pleased to have hosted for the second year in running, the Churches annual event Salvation Festival at Kambiri Lodge in Salima on September 24, 2022.

In a statement released through his social media page, he said that the festival was great and amazing not just in Malawi but even across the globe with over 1,345 overflows worldwide connected via online.

Evangelist Mkazi, who was at the heart of the Salvation, who is an evangelism and International Coordinator of the Naphtali Tribe responsible for evangelism at the church, said that the event reminds them of the day they got life in Christ.

‘We normally celebrate other events such as birthdays but through our leader Prophet Bushiri, we are able to celebrate our salvation. When Jesus died for us, it brought us deliverance and healing and because we are born again we celebrate and have fun,” she said.

During the opening remarks, National Pastor of ECG, Pastor, Chisomo Manthalu, said that the day was for celebrating nothing but salvation, since lives have been saved, they are no longer the same and that there was no better gift than the gift of salvation.

In his ministration, Prophet Bushiri read from Deuteronomy 7 verse 1 and said that God intends to raise his people to strategic positions of leadership which are represented by the 7 mountains seen in the bible.

“God will raise a people who shall fear his name and these shall operate in different spheres already the saved are in corridors of education and politics such as our President Lazarus Chakwera,” he said.

Bushiri encouraged the saved believers to hold onto their salvation while admonishing the rest of the multitude to committee to the life of righteousness.

“We believe that Jesus died for us and we don’t take the salvation for granted, we are thankful for the forgiveness of sins that we are new creations In Christi Jesus our lord,” he said.

The day was married with different activities such as poems, music and sports, and mostly notably was the acrobatic display performed by Kufewa Acrobatics team that left many in the crowds astonished and mesmerized.

Church member, James Dzonzi said that he enjoyed the festival, since there were more people this year, he found pleasure in seeing different age groups receive Christ, get baptized and embraced the opportunity to refresh his many like many others.

The festival finished with Baptism of saints and Child dedication and similarly sentiments were carried out through out other ECG branches across the globe such as South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and USA.

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