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No Mercy for Corruption Convicts As Activist Salamu Calls for Specialized Anti-Corruption Courts

Salamu: Show them no mercy

Renowned social media influencer and commentator, Rhodney Salamu, has asked the judiciary to establish a special court to be dealing with all corruption related cases in the country.

The Mangochi based activist Salamu was reacting to the recent arrests of public servants working for the Department of Accountancy General accused of stealing public money.

In a video clip made available to the publication Salamu said the anti-corruption courts will in the fight against corruption and ensure speedy prosecution of corruption-related cases.

“Corruption is becoming worse in our country as such we are calling upon the judiciary to establish a special case to be dealing with corruption cases,” said Salamu

The fearless activist Salamu further asked the courts to stop granting bail to corruption suspects, saying the move will help in speeding the cases.  He also suggested life sentence to all convicted public funds looters.

“All public funds looters and corruption convicts deserve to rot in prison, because that’s where they belong,” said Salamu in a five minutes video clip shared on WhatsApp platforms. 

According to Salamu, Malawi is the only country in the world which gives a lesser sentence to corruption convicts adding some country’s such as China hands death sentence to all corruption convicts.

CHAKWERA: Corruption Worse under his administration

A recent Afrobarometer survey conducted in conjunction with Centre for Social Research indicated that Malawians believed that corruption has increased under the Tonse Alliance administration and that two-thirds of the general public believes there is poor job in dealing with corruption.

According to the study, 66% of respondents agree that corruption has increased under the Tonse Alliance administration while 57% think it has increased a lot and 66% think government is not doing well to combat the corruption.

The report further said, 83 percent of Malawians want government officials who are suspected to have been involved in corruption to be immediately fired while 57% supports amnesty for those who give back ill-gotten wealth.


Rhodney Salamu– is a social media influencer and commentator based at Monkey Bay in Mangochi district. He uses social media platforms to comment on various issues affecting the country.

Contact Details:

Phone: +265991394800

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