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‘SOUR SUGAR’: Patience Must Exercise Patience As Njuchi Stings

By Che Ngwendemule Adyamani

In my opinion, Dr. Patience Namadingo is now competing against his own standards. People are judging him based on the bar he raised some time back in hits like Mapulani and others before he became a La La La and Sakaka performer.

Every brand has a life cycle and a good marketer would know when to rebrand or feed the market with a new brand all together.

The Namadingo brand needs to rebrand… It’s now time for Peshe to look at other strategies that would sustain his name and maintain its relevance…

With his ever growing fan base, he may now consider establishing some Namadingo clothing label, a drink or something close to that..

He must look beyond music and YouTube views, downloads and facebook likes. Soon all these will die away as the market gets supplied with the Njuchis of this world and Driemos, that targeting same audience as his, the now generation that is more into some Gu Gu Gu dance music…

Why not use his international exposure and establish a music company that would be signing local and international artists? Just one of those many ideas that would grow his brand even further.

This idea of releasing 10 songs within a week just to prove a point that you still have some “Sugar” in you is not sounding Gu Gu Gu to many of us that love good music.

This Bafumu Bane or whatever it is will be history by Tuesday this week, we can bet on that… Chaphindu tawonamo ndi chick ija basi ndi nsapato mu music video ija, otherwise this brand needs to re-strategize…

I cannot drive from Blantyre to Lilongwe while listening to some Bafumu La laLla all the way, nditha kugona nazo mu mseu izi… This beat cannot even make it on the list of club smashers…

Man Peshe, mwina tidekhe kaye, tipumilenso ka whiskey kaja, kamapha nzerutu………………..

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