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Off the Wall of Mlenga Mvula On Unima Debate: ‘Malawians Are Obsessed with Trivia’

We, Malawians, are obsessed with trivia. Yes, I mean trivia! For the past three days, people have been debating about University of Malawi versus other Universities. As a citizenry, we have real issues that affect our day to day livelihoods. We have pandemics amidst us.

We have socio-economic problems affecting us emanating from global challenges. I should, from the onset, an alumnus of UNIMA and other international universities.

However, that does not place me higher than those who went to other tertiary institutions other than UNIMA.

Success is subjective and has got so many underlining indicators that include personal, community and national levels. I have living examples of people who are great and successful without University degrees. Bill Gates, Co- founder of Microsoft is a university dropout.

Gates enrolled at Harvard University in 1973, but two years later dropped out. He does not hold a degree, but could be described as successful.

 A similar example is Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of facebook. Yes, he is a billionaire without university degree.

Michael Dell is another person without university degree, but he is the CEO of Dell Technologies, both desktops and laptops most people are using to banter one another. The list is endless. Let us use our energies on innovations rather than trivia.

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