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Woman Collapses While Waiting to Buy Cheap Fertilizer in Mzimba

An elderly woman has collapsed while another one has been rushed to hospital after injuring her legs following a commotion at an Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP) selling point at Raiply in Mzimba district.

According to Zodiak Online this happened as many people were jostling for the few inputs which arrived at the selling point as many such selling points have run out of the inputs or suppliers did not turn up

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  1. Sad. We need to look after our mothers, grannies, sisters, aunts, wives. They need protection due to their gender whereby we expect them to compete for their livelihood with their male counterparts who are naturally born stronger. This is the government’s fault by not putting into place mechanisms to enable equal accessibility to resources and by availing the resources in huge supplies to avoid incidents like the one which is being reported. Unfortunately, you will hear the Kadzakos of this world defending their mediocrity and poor planning. As a state you guys have various responsibilities and not only attending “Birthday Parties” in order to fill your bellies yet the electorate are disregarded, they do not need parties but mere support/servuces which in actual will be paid for.


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