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President Chakwera Justifies Fertilizer Price Increase: ‘Tere Feteleza Wakwera Mtengo Dziko Lonse’

By Steve Chirombo

BOLA DPP IDACHOKA M’BOMA?Poor Malawians sleeping for days on fertilizer depots waiting for cheap fertilizer- File Photo

Nsanje, September 24, Mana: President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Friday said the increase in prices of the Affordable Inputs is as a result of the global increased prices on most commodities.

His remarks follows continued attacks from some quarters in the country saying farmers earmarked to benefit from AIP will cough out more as they will be buying the commodities at K7,500 from the previous K4,500.

Chakwera made the remarks to the people who had gathered at Tengani Trading centre in Nsanje on his way from Nsanje Boma where he toured Nsanje-Marka M1 road construction works.

He said: “Price increase in the AIP is as a result of the global increase in prices. We thought the best way was to maintain the number of beneficiaries than reducing them so that more people should benefit.”

The President said that as one way of ensuring that people have enough food to eat, his government is championing progress of the Shire Valley Transformation Programme (SVTP) so as to increase access to food among many households in Chikwawa and Nsanje as well as the whole country.

“This will defeat the prolonged dry spells our twin districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje experience. Through the water that will pass through this canal. The programme will benefit a lot and this mega project is expected to feed the whole of the Southern Africa. We will use this water responsibly,” he said.

Chakwera assured the communities of Tengani that his government was geared to construct the railway whose first phase runs from Mozambique to Bangula.

“Let’s utilize this opportunity the best way possible. It is only through the railway that a lot of commodities will be transported thereby priceswill become cheaper. You may agree with me that most materials for construction and factories are becoming more and more expensive.

“We will construct Mlolo Bridge to shorten distance that you cover to travel to Fatima. There is no way you should ever again go through Chikwawa when we have the shortest route. My government is serious when it comes to road infrastructure so as to connect us together,” he said. 

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  1. Our president should stop wearing two faces. He, unabated, continues moving goal-posts without taking into consideration the psychological pain the poverty stricken masses undergo. In chichewa we say, “Wakhate samunamiza nsapato”. A caring leader, per se servant leader-oriented type, should undertake a professional research, soul-searching, investigation, informed analysis before grabbing a microphone to blurt lies to the needy. Didn’t all the responsible ministries he has under him not advise him that the international trade/markets is becoming unaffordable, hence products being expensive due to landing and other associated costs? At times you wonder if he interacts with his subjects. Because many times their statements contradict each other as if he has no control over his own administration. So what should the country take as the truth; his assertions or the statements made by his minister of agriculture?


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