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Off the wall of Rfred Manjawira: No Jabs No Jobs??…MEC Must Stop Joking

There has never been in a history where people were forced to receive that which is good for the common good of the society.

We have full examples in Malawi. The government has never forced anyone to receive coupon for agricultural inputs to save for the common good of society in terms of fighting against hunger.

And for some electoral body to think they can freeze a job contract or suspend its workers for not taking the vaccine is drama of the century.

Even the billions of money which was set for poor people to receive during this Covid-19 era, no one was forced for the common good. It’s insane to score unreasonable noise on vaccination and think that the jabbed elite are super chosen ones.

Amazing that the vaccinated lads think they are in their own supper class and immortal all of the sudden. So babyish and the stunts are baseless.

Kachale and his team should realize that everyone has got a right to scrutinize and choose what enters their body.

No institution/employer whether of Law or whatever must dictate what employees should consume. What goes into my body is entirely my responsibility.

There is no pen in history that shows any nation, king, president forcing people to receive anything good (through any means) for the sake of common good.

If you think you cannot associate with those not jabbed then you should be the one working from home or quit working altogether.

Your choice to consume any vaccine should not be a super choice to be forced upon those not jabbed. Government is clear on this, “Vaccine is not mandatory” End of story.

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