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Chakwera Should Have Fired Himself


CHAKWERA: Has lost direction

Under the given reasons to fire Dr Phuka, Chakwera should have fired himself. The man has been coming every Sunday to speak to us. If the clusters were not giving reports as he had directed, where was he getting information to include in his reports? He was lying to us.

About the instructions he gave to suspended heads of clusters, whoever these heads are, are they being suspended because they did not take orders from him or because they mismanaged funds?

What is he trying to punish? If it is because of not taking orders from him, nobody gives a damn about that, it is of no consequence.

If it is about how they managed the money, then we need to know what exactly have they done wrong. It doesn’t make sense to blame the system and then suspend people. Whoever else you are going to bring in will do as the system dictates.

If I am understanding Malawians correctly, their concern is about how Covid-19 money was spent and going forward, how is money going to be spent to ensure that we are fighting the pandemic.

Chakwera did not answer that and it doesn’t look like stealing will stop. One must be bonkers to buy all that philosophical mumble jumble he was on about concerning what he believes the problem is.

That wasn’t necessary in a speech that was meant to talk about “Covid-19 Response!” I am honestly worried about the level of cluelessness in this man.

About fixing the civil service and fulfilling other promises he made, the man said those are on hold because he is focusing on Covid-19. People or rather Covid-19 can’t wait for him to fix the civil service. It is a crisis for crying out loud.

One would have thought that the Response strategy would be detached from the government facility and therefore its own conditions.

What assurances is Chakwera giving Malawians that 17 billion and donations will not be stolen especially with the by-elections coming soon and AFORD needing more money.

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