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BRIGHT MSAKA SC CAUTIONS CHAKWERA: Please, leave the Independent bodies independent!

Hon. Bright Msaka SC; MP; DPP Vice President (East) writes:

MSAKA: How can a referee be a player in the same game he is officiating

I followed HE’s speech last night on COVID-19 update and this is my take.

I am making this comment in my capacity as DPP Spokesperson on Legal Affairs.

It is most improper for the President to compromise the Anti Corruption Bureau and the Human Rights Commission by including them on the Covid Committee. The President’s reasoning for their inclusion is either faulty or outright suspicious.

It is obvious that the President wants to gag the two independent institutions. There is no way an oversight body, such as the ACB, should be placed in a situation where, if something should go wrong in the Covid Committee, the ACB would be investigating itself and arrest itself. It does not work like that.

We do not think that the President is being naive. We think the President is cleverly trying to create complete paralysis of the two independent institutions by stifling the kind of oversight intended in the the Constitution and in the law.

How can a referee be a player in the same game he is officiating? How can a person be expected to chase with the hounds, and at the same time run together with the hare. How can a judge participate in an enterprise over which he later has to adjudicate upon?

It would seem the President is trying to hoodwink Malawians into believing that he is serious about getting to the bottom of the K6.2bn debacle. The inclusion of the ACB and the Malawi Human Rights Commission in the Covid Committee is a ruse intended to prevent the truth from coming out. Malawians will, however, not be deceived.

Mr Please, leave the Independent bodies independent!

Bright Msaka SC.

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  1. Bravo My King

    That’s Encouraging, Independent Organizations Don’t Deserve to be Connected to this Covid Team, How will they Investigate when something Goes Wrong?????


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