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Road Authority Impressed With Capacitating Of MDF Engineers

By Tione Andsen

Roads Authority CEO Emmanuel Matapa briefs Vice President Saulos Chilima on the progress of Ntcheu Tsangano road construction project

Ntcheu, Mana: Road Authority (RA) has said capacitating a government institution in road construction will have positive results in the near future.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Emmanuel Matapa made the observation Sunday when the Vive President toured the newly constructed Ntcheu–Tsangano-Mwanza road.

He said the engagement of Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Engineers Battalion was in line with Public Service Reforms in which the Vice President was championing.

Matapa said MDF Engineers Battalion has been engagement in such a huge project since it was established as company.

“We were engaging them previously where we had emergencies but not they have moved into road construction and the quality of their work has been so impressive so far,” he said.

Matapa said the initiative would not try to kill commercial contractor but the end result stakeholders would appreciate that taxpayers money would be put to proper use.

He said the road design and specification was in line with Southern African Development Community set standards of international corridors.

The CEO admitted that the delay of project would impact on the transportation of materials and not payment of the contractor saying employees are salaried and they receive allowances.

He added that Covid-19 had affected the operation of the project as preventive measures had to be followed to the later.

Chilima provision of quality roads in the country requires contractors with adequate capacities in order to deliver the projects in time.

He said incapable contractors would stay on the project site for more than five to 10 years if their capacities are not up to standard thus wasting tax payers’ money.

Chilima hailed Malawi Defense Force (MDF) Engineers Battalion for taking up the challenge of such magnitude in order to help in the development process of the country.

“This is very impressive, the country need such quality roads if we are to develop. We don’t need roads that only last a year before maintenance works starts. We need appreciate where our taxes are going to,” the Vice President pointed out.

He appealed for speedy implementation of all government projects while making sure the quality was always maintained for us to progress further.

Chilima added that, “Contractors should always stick to designed implementation period so that they can move on to other projects sites because there is great demand for more roads, hospitals and schools. Contractors should avoid wasting more time on one project site.”

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