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Brainlock Fam to Cheer Up Mchinji Orphans

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, Mana: A musical group based in Lilongwe, Brainlock Fam is set to visit Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji along Mkanda road on December 24, 2020 with the purpose to cheer up with orphans as well as share some food items.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Sunday in Lilongwe, one of the artists in Brainlock Fam, Jeff Nyimbo said the event seeks to celebrate together with the orphans during the Christmas period.

“We all grew up in the culture where Christmas is the time; we gather together and celebrate as one. We do not want our friends of Home of Hope Orphanage to be left out, hence the event,” he said.

Nyimbo said the meeting was an opportunity to chat, eat and enjoy as one family, as well as giving out food stuffs and other necessities such as bags of maize, soya and groundnuts.

The year of 2020 has been a great year with a lot of fruits, so the event is organized to give back the people what we got, he explained.

Part of the occasion is to give everybody a bright picture of what Brainlock Fam is all about.

The meeting is a big motivation to the group as such it will motivate them to go higher.

The artist pointed out that music is not only about going to studios, making sales of the records and rocking stage but one can use talent to help others with their needs hence the programme.

He said Brainlock Fam would continue scheduling such events next year and more years to come.

“After this event, we will continue visiting and helping needy people across the country and in the year of 2021 we will launch a project aimed at helping the needy, called, Ndife Amodzi Project,” Nyimbo continued.

Brainlock Fam will be headlining the event, supported by local artists, such as Krypton, Angie and Aaron Carlos and a headlining DJ Nathan Tunes.

He requested good people out there who are willing to sponsor this meeting, to contact them before the event.

One of the members, Annie Gwaza said she feels so honoured being part of the event and to have time to interact with the orphans during the festive season.

“We will be able to interact with them, getting to hear their stories and share our stories and I feel the festive season is to show God’s love and kindness,” she said.

Brainlock Fam started in 2016 and is comprised of five artists as well as a team of management.

 The event will commence on Christmas Eve at 7:00am till the next day.

For support visit Brainlock Fam Facebook page, Instagram pages @BRAINLOCK FAM. And emails

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