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BSQUAD Providing Dancing Lessons To Youth

By Esnath Kalawe                

Lilongwe, May 27, Mana: Lilongwe based dance group known as BSQUAD has embarked on imparting dancing skills to youngsters in Mtandire and Kawale in Lilongwe, as part of rescuing them from drugs and substance abuses in their communities in bid to prepare them to take dancing talent as career.

Brutally Skilled Quality United At Dance (BSQUAD)was founded in 2015 with three youngsters before two more members joined their crew.

They started as church dance group from different denominations and were recognized as Chosen Generation.

Due to certain issues that had ascended with their leadership, they quit the name and started their own dance crew with five members known as BSQUAD.

With strong passion for dance BSQUAD recruited more dancers, and this time around they have recruited youths as dancers from Mtandire and Kawale locations in Lilongwe.

The crew is still adding their dance skills in Afro, Break dance, Trap, Modern dance,B Boy, Dub step,Hip-hop, Pop n lock, ballet and contemporary dances among others.

BSQUAD Crew Founder, Ben Mambo told Malawi News Agency(Mana) Wednesday that after realizing that these days a lot of youth are involved in drugs, alcohol and substance abuse they thought of bringing the dancing initiative so that kids could grasp and realize their talents that would help to mould their future.

“A lot of youngsters are falling in alcohol and drug substance abuse, so we want to minimize the tendency of getting attracted to those circumstances, by bringing the kids as dance group preparing them as career that will earn them something in future,”he said.

According to Mambo, Malawians should respect dance as something that could boom them, take out troubles and sustaining their economic standards like other people are doing in other countries saying they earn something out of their talents.

“People in other countries have been financially supported through dancing, we have pioneered this initiative as we cannot watch talents fading, we are not going to stay young forever, we are growing and the skills will help the youths to make money in future,”he said.

One of the trainees, Inos Manyenje appreciates the inventiveness saying the skill would help them to boost their talent that God vested in them.

“Dancing is not very easy in Malawi because people think you can not earn anything out of their talent.

In 2 to 3 years to come we are very optimistic to make a name for ourselves as people will be engaging us in performing during music videos, wedding and diverse shows,” he narrates.

The group is inspired by Michael Jackson as their high profile model, and wants to make BSQUAD well known to Malawians as well as building their own legacy in the country.

Before the inauguration of their new name as BSQUAD, the group won golden medals in regional and national finals at BYB talent show competition.

Last year the group performed at Tumaini festival at Dzaleka refugee camp after being invited by an American Dancer where they performed Ballet.

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