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Ansah Leaving MEC Happy Person

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson, Justice Dr Jane Ansah SC has written the appointing authority asking to step aside from her position ahead of Fresh Presidential polls.

MEC’s Chairperson Dr. Ansah disclosed the development on Thursday in an interview with the state broadcaster the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

“I am stepping aside as Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson.

I have since written the appointing authority (President Peter Mutharika) and lam waiting for feedback,” said Ansah adding that she will be leaving the commission as a happy person.

Dr. Ansah said her decision to step aside has not been based on pressure that was mounted by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) but because she respects the law.

Malawi will hold fresh presidential elections on June 23 following the nullification of May 2019 Presidential elections.

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  1. Long at last the Jezebel is gone, after causing so much carnage in our country…..I just hope that considering all the misery she has caused, she will be leaving MEC without being paid any Tambala.
    APM will pay her from his pocket for helping him win the rigged elections in May. She has wasted millions of taxpayers money due to her arrogance…..appealing a case she should not have done, hiring foreign lawyers, hiring the attorney general Kaphale in an arranged syndicate to steal money from government, now she has resigned because the ombudsman has started an investigation on how this happened. The investigation will continue and she will still be held to account, this is a fact.

    We now need someone of integrity to manage the June elections and I would like to propose the name of Martha Chizuma the current ombudsman to lead MEC into the next elections……she is the only woman of integrity that every Malawian can trust.

    Am hearing that APM want to replace Ansah with another cadet in the name of Seodi White, and if this is true I would like to warn APM that no Malawian will accept his nonsense anymore…..that’s all I can say.

  2. God’s time is always the best. Its the time God chose for my beloved mom to leave MEC and not the wishes of evil minded people. If it is written that APM will win elections no matter what opposition can do nothing will change. Remember God always opposes the proud.

  3. Anthu ndi amene amasankha atsogoleri awo, God gives us that freedom to choose whoever we want and that is why we end up with bad leaders sometimes because we choose leaders using bad criteria like mulomwe mzathu etc

    If God was to choose leaders for us you will be shocked that….akamberembere amene akhala akutitsogolera for the past 50 years maybe none of them would have been chosen.


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