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Over 32 MCP-UTM Alliance Senior Members Defect to DPP-UDF Alliance

Over 32 Senior Members of the Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party (PP) from Mangochi South Constituency have defected to the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The Winning Team: Mutharika & Muluzi

Speaking on behalf of the defected members Mtaba Carols, a Former MCP Governor for the Constituency said: “What has led us to join DPP are the development projects we have witnessed under the leadership of President Professor Mutharika,”

The sentiments were similarly echoed by Loveness Majawa, former PP district governor for Namwera, citing power supply at Mkumba area, school projects and cash transfer programmes undertaken by the Mutharika leadership.

Majawa said the MCP-UTM alliance had no clear vision how to develop the country.

DPP-UDF alliance running mate Atupele Muluzi, leader of UDF, has hailed Mutharika as a visionary leader who wants to continue uplifting Malawians to greater prosperity.

Malawi is set to vote on July 2 in fresh presidential election after last year’s presidential vote was nullified by the constitutional court.-MBC Malawi

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  2. those called defectors are stupid the dont know what they are doing, peter muthalika is so sleepy doesnt know anything about government affairs, can u show us developmental activities


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