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MBC Apologies To Malawians For a Picture Containing Vulgar Language


The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) would like to unconditionally apologize to all Malawians for a picture containing vulgar language which we carried in our 7pm Chichewa news bulletin on Television of Monday 11th May, 2020.

The picture was erroneously used. The beaming of the said picture with such vulgar words was not a deliberate action on our part, but a serious oversight on the part of those who are responsible for editing and quality control.

MBC editorial policy does not in anyway condone the use of vulgar language in any mode on any of our platforms. This serious mishap is sincerely regretted. Steps are being taken to remedy the same. As we have always done before this unfortunate incident, we pledge to endeavour a thorough check of our content before it is brought on the public platform.

As a public broadcaster we would like to state that the vulgar language and the views expressed in the picture were not ours, they don’t represent the values we stand for, or promote. The inconvenience caused by the picture is deeply and sincerely regretted. MBC Management #mbcnews11.05.20

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