…Was MEC Unfairly Turned Into A Political Sacrificial Lamb by ConCourt Judges?

The excitement and relief of the MCP and UTM on getting a re-run will be short-lived.

Judgement on the case did not cite if the MEC gave any other party some advantage, through the recorded irregularities. The judges said that there were irregularities by the MEC; therefore, there must be a re-run.

APM did not benefit from any of the said irregularities, instead, the court has proven that there are other areas where miscounts favoured Chakwera in Central region.

The judgement was more against the MEC, especially how it conducted the processes. The legal question, though, is – if the Presidential elections are nullified because of irregularities, does it mean that the MEC and party staffers did a perfect job on Parliamentary and Local government elections, but developed sudden incompetence on Presidential elections?

Malawi ran one election, conducted on the same day. That is why it was called the Tripartite elections. Voters were given three ballot papers and deposited the ballot in three boxes, for Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Government elections.

As things stand, we have accepted the MEC’s competence at managing the elections. The recent elections are the Lilongwe South held on the 31st of January, where an MCP MP won! Again, it was under the MEC and Justice Jane Ansah management, whom the hypocrites are calling to resign, and the biased judges calling incompetent.

It is a shame to see the “learned fellows” insult each other and each others’ judgements in public. It goes on to show the rot in the system.

 ACB Director, Matemba also accused the judiciary of being corrupt, but it was for a different reason.

Patemba, without any review of the Zomba judge, launched a tirade of insult on the judge.

If there was any proof you need about the state of the judiciary in Malawi, the events of last week and the judgement by the ConCourt judges paints a gloomy picture. Malawi’s judiciary is in tatters! It is in one hell of a huge ball of mess. Lies are going to destroy this country one day.

The MEC is highly competent, and so is Justice Jane Ansah, who was lauded by her colleague in the region. International electoral observers commended the MEC on how it handled the elections.

The observers reported on what they saw on the ground, not the limited lies told by the MCP and their shady witnesses in court.

Throughout the judgement – there was no proof of rigging. There was no proof of votes being swapped to favour any candidate. Just procedural issues that the MEC was said not to have followed.

But elections are a process ran by humans. They are not a perfect science. Humans make mistakes, and they are not machines.

Did the irregularities committed by the MEC warrant a re-run? Or was the MEC a political sacrificial lamb that had to be used to justify a re-run at all costs judgement?

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