DPP 70s+old Recycled Politicians Should Stop Fighting High flying Nankhumwa


Msaka, Chaponda, Mphepo: Gunning to finish off Nankhumwa

All pangas are now out, not by cadets to terrorise those with dissenting views with the DPP leadership but this time around by the DPP 70s+ old recycled politicians to finish off the high flying Kondwani Nankhumwa.

This is nothing but the scheme of George Chaponda, Brown Mpinganjira, Bright Msaka, Henry Mussa and Francis Mphepo to finish off the politically popular and voice of reason in the DPP, Nankhumwa, inorder to pave way for Chaponda to take over as party president when Peter Mutharika officially retires.

This is why when Mutharika asked the party administrative secretary, Mphepo, to suggest the name for the Leader of Opposition in parliament, Mphepo suggested Chaponda but Mutharika was not amused, this is why he appointed Nankhumwa.

Chaponda and Mussa are always bitter with Nankhumwa because he embarrassingly defeated them for the position of party vice president for the south during the 2018 convention. Mpinganjira has ever been bitter with Nankhumwa since 2004 when Mpinganjira had been losing to Nankhumwa in Mulanje central parliamentary election. I found it funny therefore that yesterday a rat was called for a hearing in a court where judges were cats.

This is a clear indication that Mutharika is no longer in control of the party just as he was not in control of the state when he was at Kamuzu palace. The party is now run by Mutharika’s inner circle which also made decisions for the former president when the party was in power.

What this innercircle want to achieve is to impose one of their own as party president so that in the unlikely event that the DPP bounces back into power; corruption, looting of public resources, regionalism, tribalism, cronyism, favouritism, arrogance and impunity should be back in government.

They see Nankhumwa as a political liberal, politically tolerant to political opponents, modernizer and more so he would sideline all the plunders and destroyers once voted into power. It is stupid to question his academic credentials today when for 16 years he has held senior government and party positions.

It is senseless to accuse Nankhumwa of flirting with the MCP just because he had a chat with mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira. Mama Kadzamira is not a politician.

In fact, Mutharika had been visiting JZU, does that mean that Mutharika was flirting with the MCP? DPP should stop fighting Nankhumwa, instead it needs to invest hugely in clearing party name soiled by silly and petty theft of government property by its cabinet ministers when they were in government. Ndiope ndani?”

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