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Cat-Rat Disciplinary Hearing For Nankhumwa Called Off…As 30 MPs Render Support

Some of the MPs that rendered support to Nankhumwa

Disciplinary hearing for Leader of Opposition and DPP VP for the Souther Region Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa has been called off after he raised concerns about the composition of the panel.

Nankhumwa argued that some of the members of the panel were interested parties and eyeing the party’s presidency at the next convention and also the position of Leader of Opposition.

Lawyer for Nankhumwa Gift Khonyongwa told Nation Online that the meeting resolved to let the panel go back to the drawing board and report later.

Members of the panel included George Chaponda, Bright Msaka, Samuel Tembenu and Charles Mhango. The panelists left the venue without granting interviews to journalists.

About 30 DPP MPs were there too to give moral support to their beloved leader in the August House.

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  1. Its amazing to note the jig-saw puzzle our mecenary journalists display. Their quick change in allegiance is questionable. The class of kashoti, focus, etc, are part of the bunch of times and nation subscribers who fought bingu to the climax, denouncing all his efforts pushing for a regime change that saw jb landing by fate. They chipped in the same tactics which saw them wronged in 2014 after the majority electorate twisted their campaign efforts. They backed hrdc brutal tactics that saw our judiciary jittering and twisted the constitution to prove wrong the international observers and the US intelligence. How can they classify someone who was seen patronising the tonse political rallies and feared of having a sweet tongue of bringing together all the political parties to bring back one party state as not a politician? These people want to play with our minds. Whose intelligence saw and gloomed nankhumwa to beat bj? If not chaponda then your guess might be as wrong. One wonders why these subscribers have bent their allegiance in a new twist of supporting dpp candidature and yet all along they had been fighting it massively? If there is need to clear the mist surrounding anyone, nankhumwa inclussive let it be. As things are here, nankhumwa reacted to the way the mercenary journalists put it on the papers. Our fear will remain that mcp is in the move to nyengerera nankhumwa to disband dpp and to have mcp back as a one party state.

    • Well said boss. But as the party we are supposed to learn from past mistakes also.Izi ndi zomwe zinapangisa SKC to leave and form own party. These old gurus has nothing to offer and it has shown kuti ndi adyera zedi. If we tread wrongly on this one we will never reclaim our Gvt which was snatched from us by these mercenary judges.


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