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Some Ntcheu citizens planning to cause havoc during the SKC funeral

Some people in Ntcheu have been caught discussing plans to cause havoc and mayhem during the burial ceremony of Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.

Chilima died on Monday, 10 June, 2024, when a plane he was travelling in plammed a hill near Thungwa Forest Reserve in Chikangwa, Mzimba.

However, a few days after the accident, the UTM officials have been holding press conferences, igniting more fear and anxiety on Malawians regarding the accident.

However, according to voice notes and screen shots going viral on social media, the people calling themselves Ntcheu Walero are being heard discussing plans to carry weapons and assemble at Lizulu and that some should do the same at Nsipe

In the audio, the people are heard ashuring unpalatable words to the government while alleging that Chilima has been killed deliberately.

The unruly people are being heard calling their friends and citizens to work up and get revenge on what happened to their relatives. They are also targeting some senior government officials and their relatives.

Mkwezalamba: It is absurd that merely 4 days after the crash some overzealous individuals have already conducted investigation

However Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), has expressed disappointment over direct attacks by these people and some social media influencers on some public officers including the President on the allegations of being behind the death of Chilima.

In a statement which HRCC has released, on 14th June,2024 signed by HRCC board chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba, calls as grave allegations, divisive, damaging, unacceptable, and condemns them strongest as they have the effect of causing chaos and violence in an already heartbroken society.

He says, it is absurd that merely 4 days after the crash some overzealous individuals have already conducted investigation and pronounced judgement before even MDF or bilateral partners have done so, and they are pleading with citizens to resort to focus on burying the bodies of our nationals as the processes get set in earnest.

Therefore, they call upon UTM, Maseko Ngoni, and Ntcheu citizens as well to hold their breath and anger and stand to in their evidence when investigatios commerce.

“HRCC is ready to ensure that any individual who claims to have first hand information on the matter is not unnecessarily deprived their rights to free speech or provide evidence without being coerced, injured or harmed,” reads part of the statement.

HRCC has also commended the government for agreeing to the calls for independent investigation, including private autopsy experts, in order to exonerate with conspiracy theories that engulfed society.

Therefore, they call upon bilateral partners to fast track the process of assembling the expert investigators to undertake investigation in order to provide the nation with details behind the tragedy.

We can also reveal without fear of contradiction that some opposition party leaders are ocastrating all the plans and giving them cash to buy the weapons.

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