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SDA Conference Seals Off Bangwe Church in Dramatic Crackdown: Heavily Armed Police Deployed

Happy Sabbath is not a happy one for the Christians at Bangwe SDA in Blantyre, as police, in a show of force, have stormed the church premises.

The Seventh Day Adventist’s South Malawi Conference has today taken drastic action, deploying two vehicles loaded with heavily armed police officers, according to sources within the church.

The conference has come to seal the church, effectively taking control of the premises.

Leading the team is Pastor Smart Chimwaza, the Executive Secretary for the conference.

Pastor Chimwaza has been instrumental in enforcing the conference’s decision to disown Bangwe SDA Church for promoting teachings contrary to the church’s beliefs.

The move is a culmination of a decision made last year to disconnect Bangwe SDA Church from the conference, citing restrictions on female members, including not allowing them to take charge of church services, dress their hair, and wear miniskirts, as some of the reasons for the decision.

The heavy police presence has created a tense atmosphere, with members of the church wondering what will happen next.

The conference’s action is seen as a strong stance against what it sees as a deviation from its core beliefs.

The fate of Bangwe SDA Church and its members remains uncertain, but the conference’s move signals a decisive step in enforcing its decision.

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