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GOVT CAN’T INVESTIGATE ITSELF: CDEDI calls for independent probe into Chilima’s plane crash

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has urged the Malawi government to solicit external assistance to investigate the tragic plane crash that killed Vice President Saulos Chilima and eight others.

In a statement, CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said, “Government cannot investigate itself… Malawians deserve to read meticulous reports of the turn of events surrounding the whole incident.”

Namiwa added, “We propose that the German Government, where the ill-fated Malawi Defence Force plane was manufactured, to be the first point of call… We trust government will act with the families of the deceased to find a satisfying closure on this tragedy.”

The call for an independent investigation comes as the government has announced a 21-day mourning period, with CDEDI urging the nation to “pause for a moment and reflect” on the tragedy.

Namiwa noted, “Waiting to do so after the period of mourning will not be sufficient… The President must act with speed and urgency to provide answers to the many questions Malawians have over this tragic accident.”

The statement also raised questions about the country’s resilience and priorities, citing the use of foreign aircraft to ferry citizens during Cyclone Freddy.

CDEDI’s call for transparency and accountability has sparked concerns that the government may be attempting to silence the people, with Namiwa warning, “There should be no unthinkable attempt to make anyone believe that this aircraft had no black box… We trust that the President and those privy to the handling of this tragic situation will listen to the voice of reason and act accordingly.”

Vice President Chilima and eight others died when their plane crashed in a remote area of Lilongwe on June 10.

The victims’ bodies were recovered and taken to Lilongwe for identification and autopsy.

According to officials, the plane was headed to Lilongwe from Chikangawa when it crashed due to unknown reasons, killing all on board.

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