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CHAPONDA TAKES THE REINS: DPP names new leader of opposition

In a swift move, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has appointed George Chaponda as the new Leader of Opposition in Parliament, following the High Court’s decision to vacate an injunction that had maintained Kondwani Nankhumwa in the position.

The party’s spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba, confirmed the development in a statement, marking a significant turning point for the DPP in its parliamentary leadership.

Chaponda’s appointment comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s court ruling, which paved the way for the DPP to elect a new opposition leader.

The party’s swift action demonstrates its determination to assert its presence in Parliament and challenge the ruling party’s dominance.

As the new Leader of Opposition, Chaponda is expected to play a crucial role in holding the government accountable and championing the DPP’s agenda in Parliament.

His appointment has been welcomed by party supporters, who see him as a strong and experienced leader who can effectively represent their interests.

With Chaponda at the helm, the DPP is poised to regain its footing in Parliament and reinvigorate its opposition role, setting the stage for a more robust and engaging political landscape in the country.

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