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Minister Tembo Defends Appointment of Bisnowaty as Charge D’Affaires to Israel

Foreign Affairs Minister Nancy Tembo has defended the appointment of David Bisnowaty as Charge d’Affaires of the Malawi Embassy in Israel, amidst concerns raised by the Forum for National Development (FND) over the legality of the appointment.

“The appointment of Bisnowaty as Charge d’Affaires does not require confirmation by the Public Appointments Committee (PAC),” Minister Tembo said in an interview.

“We will follow the proper procedures when we appoint an ambassador.”

Minister Tembo also highlighted Bisnowaty’s qualifications for the role, stating, “He is a Malawian of Jewish origin, he has been an MP before, and he is just helping us for free, using his resources. We are not paying him.”

The FND had written to the Public Appointments Committee, arguing that the appointment was made without proper adherence to the laws of Malawi and the involvement of Parliament in the confirmation process.

FND Coordinator Fryson Chodzi stated, “It is our contention that this appointment was made without proper adherence to the laws of Malawi.

Notably, there was no apparent involvement of Parliament, specifically the Public Appointments Committee (PAC), in the confirmation process of Bisnowaty.”

Minister Tembo’s response has sparked further debate on the appointment, with some critics arguing that the government’s decision undermines the country’s foreign policy interests.

The appointment comes amidst ongoing labour export talks between Malawi and Israel, with a delegation led by Secretary to the Treasury Betchani Tchereni visiting Israel in January 2024.

Labour activists have raised concerns over the involvement of politicians in recruiting workers, citing potential biases and the need for a more comprehensive program.

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