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MCP’s Chikumbutso Mtumodzi Attacks Livingstonia and Blantyre Synods

MCP’s senior official Chikumbutso Mtumodzi has attacked the Synods of Livingstonia and Blantyre simply because of the stand they have taken on the recent unpopular resolution by MCP NEC.

Writing on Hot Current Affairs Debate, the highly misinformed Mtumodzi who is one of those defending the undemocratic resolutions, told the grouping that the two synods were against MCP during the One Party rule.

One commentator (name withheld) said “Everyone was against MCP one party state. For someone like Chikumbutso Mtumodzi to use that against the Synod it just shows how dull he is. His comments cement what people have been saying that this resolution is just the beginning of the worst. Later, they might restrict membership to a tribe that Mtumodzi belongs, you never know.”

Mtumodzi, a senior government official, further wrote that Livingstonia Synod and Blantyre Synod never supported MCP when the party was in opposition.

Many members on the forum took him to task over his attack on the two synods saying it was not correct, a development which forced him to disappear.

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  1. it was not everyone against MCP but because it was one party, the majority realized that we needed change. You were one of them, all of us were MCP.


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