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OPPOSITION MP JOYCE CHITSULO OFFICIALLY DUMPS DPP: lauds Chakwera on CDF increment, graces football finale

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Mwanza West, Joyce Chitsulo has announced her defection from DPP to an independent Member of Parliament, the latest political blow to DPP in Parliament.

She announced her switch on Sunday, February 25, 2024 at Chamwalira Football ground where she conducted a development rally and witnessed the football finals between Kawiriza FC and Rangers FC.

Chitsulo said she has decided to defect from DPP following the endless “divisions and factions” in the former ruling party.

“The party has lost direction. The party has been turned into a ‘boxing ring’ where leaders have become umpires of boxing instead of being symbol of unity and national building. I cannot continue associating with such a party that fails to resolve issues for four years instead of promoting development and coexistence among its members, “said Chitsulo in her announcement to the crowd.


Chitsulo reiterated that her defection has nothing to do with her development agenda of changing the lives of people in her constituency.

“I will continue to lobby for development projects in this constituency. My vision is grounded on promoting sustainable growth and improve everyone’s standard of living through inclusivity.

“We shall continue to build houses for the elderly, construct various feeder road networks, build police units, health clinics, good markets for our farmers and vendors, among others with an aim to enhance to build a developed Mwanza West constituency,” said Chitsulo who is also Parliamentary Chairperson for Public Appointments Committee.

She has since lauded President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for increasing Community Development Fund (CDF) describing the fund as the lifeblood of development.

Minister of Finance, Simplex Chithyola Banda on Friday last week announced that Chakwera has decided to increase the fund because he ( Chakwera) believes in socioeconomic development that will help to poor families to access basic needs at local level.

She later distributed iron sheets and cash for the construction of Chanwalira and Kawiriza CBCCs.


Chitsulo said sports discipline plays a crucial role in peacemaking and root out social discrimination among people.

“Sports including football is the global language, common denominator that helps to break down all barriers of discriminations as it fosters unity and coexistence,” said Chitsulo while urging girls to borrow a leaf from Temwa Chawinga who is now playing her professional football in France.

During the finals, Rangers FC beat Kawiliza by a goal to zero and grabbed a trophy and K300,000 while the runners up went away with K150,000. Both teams also received football uniforms and footballs. The tournament was pegged at K3 million.

Chitsulo has also pledged to increase the tournament money to K3.5 million this year which will be launched soon as one way of supporting the youths in football development.

Guest of Honour at the rally, Senior Chief Govota praised Chitsulo for various developments that she has brought to the constituency since she took over the leadership role.

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