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Prophet Mtupa commands rains to start falling in South Malawi

The highly respected God’s messenger Senior Prophet Mtupa

Some parts of the southern region have started receiving rains barely days after Senior Prophet Rodrick Mtupa of Holy Place Cathedral International Ministries commanded the rains to start in the region following a dry spell.

A video of the senior prophet Mtupa’s prophesy commanding the rains to start is now making rounds on various social media platforms including facebook and whatsapp.

“Anthu mukudandaula kuti mvula yi kusowa ndipo chimanga chikuwuma minda mu…we will pray today and the rains will start before the end of February, mark my words,” prophesied and declared Senior Prophet Mtupa in one of his recent Sunday Services.

On December 29 last year, the highly respected man of God prophet Mtupa also prophesied that Malawi experience dry spell resulting into hunger.

The trusted God’s messenger Senior Prophet Mtupa then asked Malawians to pray and fast against starvation and “looming” hunger.

“God has told me that the country will experience drought this year and there will be poor harvest which will lead to hunger,” Mtupa said.

Prophet Mtupa, whose several of his national prophecies have already been fulfilled, reminded the general public that national prophecies are made not to scare people but to make them prepare, pray and fast against any evils ahead.

The man of God has then hinted on the need for the public to always take a spiritual action whenever there is a national prophesy from any God’s servant.

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