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New, old school music to fill up Club 24/7

By Petro Mkandawire

Blantyre, February 19: Giddes Chalamanda, Skeffa Chimoto, Mlaka Maliro and Joe Gwaladi have teamed up to perform at Club 24/7 located at Chileka Roundabout in Blantyre on March 1, 2024 under the theme “Old School and New School”.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Sunday, organizer of the show Thomas Madulira said the event is trying to reminisce the good old days when the place used to host big music concerts.

He said the theme is aimed to create the sense of urgency and the need of old and new day vibes in order for people to get what they deserve.

“Entertainment lovers have not had that feeling and closeness of new music and old school music for a long time. People will enjoy music from Skeffa, Mlaka Maliro, Giddes Chalamanda while at the same time music lovers will enjoy sounds from Alleluya Band. It is all a mixture of different genres.

“We expect a mixture of people too like the elderly and the youth to have different tastes of music on the same day. We are urging them to come in large numbers as they will fully be satisfied,” said Madulira.

He, therefore, said the combination will allow the audience to interact directly with the artists as a way of motivating other people who might want to learn how new and old music is done and remind the elderly of their old music vibe.

In a separate interview, Mlaka Maliro, said entertainment lovers should experience new things every year as such combination of artists will refresh people’s memories and feed music legacy to new kids on the block with music desire.

“Having a combination like this in music is not easy. The mixture of old and new experiences will bring best performance and this means more fun and huge entertainment,” said Maliro.

A fan of Mlaka Maliro, Jenifer Julius from Blantyre, appreciated the organizer for the show saying she has never witnessed such a combination before and cannot afford to miss it.

Paul Subili, Rhoda Valamanja and Sean Tefelekaso are some of the supporting artists to perform as DJ Damex will make people shake with hot mixtape.

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