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Mike Chilewe’s story is fascinating


He started working as Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited-ESCOM meter reader in 1986 until he secured a welding machine when he bought it off someone who badly needed money.

At first he thought he would resell it at a higher price until he changed his mind, secured a place for rent at Chitawira/Naperi — place we call Pa Banda.

When he started realizing some good earnings, he quit his job and very soon he hit the gold especially after B&C folded.

He bought the land along Kenyatta Drive and built the workshop and offices and from there he just became very successful.

His desire to expand, however, didn’t work perfectly as he borrowed heavily from banks to acquire new machinery and assets.

The economic environment conspired against him and he ended up defaulting on the loans due to poor sales.

It is when the banks started to repossess his properties and other assets that he ended up losing everything, including his wife who quickly deserted him and migrated to America with their children.

Mike ended up going back to his home village in Mulanje empty handed and life has indeed been tough for him.

Things could have been worse if it wasn’t for his wealthy brother who owns Hapuwani Lodge who at least makes sure he has a roof on his head and food on his table.

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