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BIZARRE: Malawi Police ‘arrest’ a pig

Seasoned butcher Gresham Thunga and the pig- Photo Credit Zodiak Online

Police in Mulanje district are keeping a pig which is suspected to have defied all attempts to be slaughtered.

In an interview with Zodiak Online, a seasoned butcher Gresham Thunga said he has been slaughtering pigs for over a decade, but he has never encountered such a stubborn animal.

According to Thunga, he started trying to kill the pig at 1 a.m. today, using various methods such as suffocating it, stabbing it on the neck, and pouring boiling water on it, but none of them worked.

He said he bought the pig from Evance Chimtengo for K75, 000, and the seller was equally baffled by the pig’s resilience.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people are flocking to Mulanje Police station to see the pig as police are yet to make a comment on the development.

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