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2025: Battle between APM and SKC


The reason UTM is silent is not to win the agreement, not at all, two reasons, exhaust, prove MCP is betrayer for surely Chakwera will not honour the agreement. Kasungu team is pro Chilima and Lilongwe team is pro Chakwera, at that proper time, Kasungu team will sympathise with Chilima.

Secondly, Chilima is observing how APM handles those who eyed his position. If he fires some, they will not work with MCP, rather Chilima, they share common traits “both were once DPP, both were forced out of DPP.” DPP ousted votes plus Kasungu votes may push Chilima to second position in the first round regardless number one. If he is second to MCP, DPP voters will support him, if he is second to DPP, MCP voters will support, he may win.

On the other hand, if APM contains the conflicts, fires none, bring all members to ground, gives out a robust campaign, controls the ground and social media, he will either come on position one or two. Either way, in the rerun, UTM will have no option but to support DPP, he will win clean and smart.

The battle remains between SKC and APM, MCP may survive the first round on incumbency but on rerun, none shall partner with MCP, that puts them on awkward position to hit 50+1 considering the high inflation, corruption, nepotism, among others. On my chase board “MCP must prepare to go.”

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