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Illovo female staff challenged to aim high

Illovo Women in Leadership (IWIL) forum has been challenged to have high learning ability to keep themselves abreast with the changing times so that they continue to deliver to the expectation of the organization.

Illovo Malawi launched a special forum called the Illovo Women in Leadership (IWIL) in October 2022 to assist with progress towards female equality in leadership roles within its operations.

Speaking during the IWIL forum at Protea Lyalls Hotel in Blantyre on Tuesday, the Country Director for Bayer Malawi who graced the occasion, Chikondi Ng’ombe said that women should not look down upon themselves saying they do not have an excuse to achieve certain things in their life.

“Women should be bold and trust themselves, everyone has something to contribute whether they are male or female. If you are a woman, you are obviously bringing in a different perspective which means diversity and it is a fact by research that diverse companies perform better.

Ng’ombe: Women should be bold and trust themselves

“You need to focus on delivering in spite of whatever environment you are in, you should have a growth mindset and a high learning ability because things are changing every day and for you to continue delivering you need to learn the new ways of doing things,” said Ng’ombe.

She added that there is still more to be done to ensure full equality in organisations saying that tremendous efforts to promote equality have been seen lately, and organisations should take a good example of Illovo in making deliberate efforts to include women’s participation in management and coming up with programs like IWIL.

In her remarks, the Human Resources Director for Illovo Sugar Malawi, Khumbo Mtambo Banda said that Illovo aims to achieve 30 % representation of women leaders by 2026 saying the IWIL forum is one of the strategies to achieve that.

She said: “IWIL aims at driving women in leadership positions within our business focusing on understanding how best we can influence how they can develop in the business, how they are brought into the business via recruitment, and how we help and mentor them into managerial positions.”

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