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Chakwera’s hidden report out, SKC recommended K300,000 minimum salary for lowest paid grade


Chakwera has implemented nothing

… wants X trails and Rav 4 to replace VXs to save K12bn

President Lazarus Chakwera lied to Malawians that he was implementing a report from Vice President Saulos Chilimas Task Force, part of the report leaked on Sunday shows.

The President shocked Malawians when he openly said he could not release the report they had been asked to contribute to it.

The Chilima report states that Government employees are lowest paid compared to parastatals and recommended that they be paid minimum above basic need basket of K300,000 for the lowest paid grade.

Chilima during one of the many tours when he was busy finalising the reform report
The report also reveals that allowances were the most abused component with K27 billion budgeted in being inflated to K33 billion.

The ground shaking report recommends removal of expensive vehicles for Government officials to adopt Nissan X trails and Toyota Rav 4s as means of curbing expenditures.

“Governement spends K4.07 billion in fuel alone. Introduce Motor Vehicle ownership bank loan scheme backed by goverment for Grade D, gradually offering scheme to lower grades.

“This revision will result in savings of more than than K12.0 billion in annual Vehicle purchase costs and more than K956.4 million in annual fuel costs,” reads Chilimas report.

The part of the report identifies weakness in Malawi Government systems including legal and Policy Framework, Systems, Processes and Procedures, Human Capacity and structures.

“Poor selection and deployment of authorising officers, lack if knowledge of regulations, weak enforcement of rules and sanctions when officers fail to comply; no reward for compliance; and lack of support for enforcement,” reads the reports weakness on human capacity.

The report also recommends abolishing school fees benefit for parastatals heads and Clerk of Parliament at an international private schools within Malawi

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