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Chakwera administration is taking Malawians for granted-LITA

.Executive Director for Leadership for Transparency and Accountability (Lita), Goodwell Logeya

Leadership Institute for Transparency and Accountability (LITA) condemns the Chakwera Administration for consistently taking Malawians for granted.

The circus of East Bridge scam, the bogus Bridge Foundation deal, the closure of ADMARC, the stealing of maize from our national silos, endless money laundering and racketeering, lack of rule of law, closure of civic space, unnecessary local and international travels, shortage of fuel, scarcity of forex, cheap propaganda on sensitive issues, blaming previous governments on MCP failures, are among the worst maladies of national paranoia. 

Since the dawn of multiparty democracy, Malawi has never been in a failed state as this. Characterised by high cost of living, high inflation, instability of the currency, high tax regime, public looting, impunity and stinking corruption, executive arrogance, the Chakwera administration has lost direction. As clueless and careless as the administration is, we at LITA, appeal to all Malawians, the churches, opposition political parties (if any), the civil society, the diaspora, the business community, the donor community, etc, to hold this government into account. The honey moon is over!

We, as patient and law-abiding citizens, have given the Chakwera administration enough time to solve the problems of the country; but it seems, this administration is the problem in itself. The institutions are broken to the core, with no hope of recovery in the midst of bleeding economy. It seems the president is complacent when Malawians are suffocating and dying of hunger.  He is taming corruption and massaging his boys embroiled in it with kids gloves. This is a sine qua non of leadership incompetence.

First, the President and his minions must stop unnecessary travels within and outside the country; and be in their office to reflect on the problems and come up with pertinent solutions.

Second, the President must fire the non-performing officials at State House and in parastatals, incompetent cabinet ministers including the Minister of Agriculture for failing Malawians. The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) top leadership must be overhauled. Malawi has technocrats that can turn around the country.

Thirdly, Chakwera administration must stop cheap propaganda of blaming on the previous governments on the problems that Malawians are facing today. We voted him to solve the problems. If he has no clue, he must step down amicably.

Fourth, the prices of maize in the country must be reduced to the reach of the poorest citizens in the village; and the grain must be made available in all ADMARC depots as soon as possible.

Fifth, the President’s party zealots and youth militia must stop intimidating and threatening human rights activists in the country.

Malawians have the inherent rights to peacefully demonstrate and present their petitions to the concerned authorities without fear of reprisals. The use of coercive and oppressive powers must stop. We say ‘no’ to one party state!

We, therefore, appeal to the international donor communities and all human rights bodies to be alert and vigilant on Malawi government’s tactics meant to strangle our hard-won democracy by threatening and abducting activists; a deliberate ploy to denigrate freedoms of association, assembly and expression.



Lita Executive Director

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