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Unlocking Potential: Men of Purpose Conference Promises Transformational Insights

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga in action during a previous conference

Lilongwe, August 17, 2023–A transformative event aimed at shaping a new generation of purpose-driven men, the Men of Purpose (MOP) conference is slated to unfold this Saturday, August 19th, at the distinguished SANA Food Court Conference Hall in Lilongwe.

Organized by the Raised For A Purpose (RFP) Ministries, the conference is designed to equip men with the tools to prioritize the essential, allowing them to become pillars of strength and value within their families, society, and nation.

The event proudly presents an array of notable speakers, notably Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, President of RFP Ministries, and Central & Northern Regional Pastor, Pastor Marcus Daniel. Their combined wealth of expertise is poised to deliver a profound message that resonates deeply with attendees, inspiring them to redefine their purpose and influence.

Pastor Marcus Daniel—We’re raising a new generation of men

Pastor Marcus Daniel, in his words, emphasized the mission: “We’re raising a new generation of men—real men who understand what adds value to them and their communities.” He further elucidated, “The Men of Purpose conference is an arm within the RFP Ministries that focuses on achieving the Vision of the Ministry of Ministering to man in his totality (Spirit, Soul and Body), it meets the needs of man.”

With an extensive agenda, the conference will intricately explore various topics, placing a significant emphasis on fostering holistic growth in men.

“Mainly, we are concentrating on nurturing men who are spiritually, intellectually, and physically sound,” Pastor Marcus Daniel explained. “They will excel in their service to God and will shoulder responsibilities for their families and career advancement.” Beyond these vital aspects, the conference is set to delve into wealth creation and mental health—two fundamental components contributing to a well-rounded and purposeful life.

At the heart of the conference lies a central theme—the call for men to embrace the responsibility of priesthood. “Men are meant to be priests for their families,” Pastor Marcus Daniel accentuated. “This conference will solidify that concept, empowering attendees to return to their homes fully equipped for the ministry of priesthood.”

As participants gear up to immerse themselves in this life-altering event, Pastor Marcus Daniel offered valuable advice.

“They should approach with an open mind, ready to receive the blessings that God has in store for them,” he advised. “Setting elevated expectations for the impactful teachings of the word is crucial.”

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga ministering during a previous conference

The far-reaching impact of the conference extends beyond the individuals in attendance. Pastor Marcus Daniel shared his insight, stating, “This conference will cultivate a unique breed of men who will profoundly influence their families and communities.” Drawing from previous successes, he referred to numerous testimonials that spotlighted remarkable transformations in men’s lives, marriages, and financial circumstances.

Although this isn’t the inaugural MOP conference held in Lilongwe, this particular gathering carries a distinctive significance.

“We initiated this event here in Lilongwe last year,” Pastor Marcus Daniel recalled. “This marks the second conference of this magnitude, yet men convene almost monthly to engage with the word.” With its potent amalgamation of wisdom, purpose, and camaraderie, the Men of Purpose conference is poised to etch an indelible imprint on the lives of attendees, their families, and the broader community.

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