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MY HEART BLEEDS: No kind words, Flames has let us down!

By Elijah Mike Banda

It is the lack of patriotism and fighting spirit that takes us down. We may have the skills and talents but the zeal and passion to succeed is never there. We give up too soon, too fast.

The Flames have let us down, I must say. With an extra man against a ten man Lesotho side, it was time to showcase their prowess and vividness on the pitch.

They should have been as prolific on goals. They should have anyhow zig zagged their way through. They should have been the fiercest of predators but alas, they went down kneeling and begging to the minnows. With eleven men against ten of the Lesotho, we were turned into prey. Sad.

How can the goalkeeper save all of your penalty shootouts as consecutively as that? Lack of passion to die for your flag that was. Your wives, brothers, sisters and parents were watching as you were mercilessly being butchered. How does that feel?

This symbolizes us all, “the citizens of the Malawi nation.” We give up too soon, too fast. We are failing to progress because of the lack of the heart to succeed. We may have the very best of resources and all at our disposal but we won’t harness them.

It is time we started working on our mental attitude on things that matter or else die on our way there. We will not get there till we are lowered into our yawning graves.

It should be about now and never tomorrow. Generations after us shall live to laugh at this sad non-progressive era. I have no kind words. Oh, My heart bleeds!

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